A Family of Bibliophiles

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Ever since I was young, I have been surrounded by books. My parents are both big readers, and I believe this encouraged my own passion for books (my mum will read anything, my dad loves sci-fi and thrillers). They read to us every night, which soon progressed to us reading to them, and staying up later and later just to finish the page, the chapter, or in some cases, the entire book. Needless to say, books have been an incredibly important part of my life, especially during the time I was at sixth form. I hated the place, it made me miserable and I was diagnosed with depression – I spent every free period, and sometimes lunch and break times, in the library, escaping into other worlds and experiencing different lives. Books really helped me through that tough period, and I’m sure there are many people out there who have experienced the same thing.

Anyway, what I wanted to share with you all today is the amount of books we have in this house. We’ve run out of bookshelves and they’re now being double stacked, piled on the floor, used to prop things up… you get the picture! So, let me take you on a tour…

Let’s start with my room. I have 2 bookcases and a shelf for degree course related books. I’ve organised my books by genre, because I’m anal like that. Maybe it’ll change again soon – colour? Author? Title? What do you organise your books by? There’s also a book of manga under my bed that won’t fit… I just have my favourites on the shelf.

Next we have the shelves in the hallway. All of my parents books are meant to be in alphabetical order, and me and my mum go through them every so often. But once one is taken out, the chaos begins…

And then, the dining room. A wall of books:

The living room (chaotic, much?):

Above the bathroom, my dad’s sci-fi shelf 😉

A little shelf in my parents room:

And finally, my sister’s bedroom (she likes to keep all her favourites on one shelf by the bed):

I’d love to see other people’s book collections!


12 responses to “A Family of Bibliophiles

  1. Sarah: It’s really ridiculous… but we can’t stop buying them in charity shops because they’re so cheap. A week after ‘The Song of Achilles’ won the Orange Prize, my mum found it basically brand new in our nearest charity shop. Crazy!

    Beth: Haha, the Tardis is technically an air freshener… but it was cheap, and a Tardis, so I bought it! The lemony scent has gone now =(

  2. He found you on goodreads! That’s for following my blog and twitter :D. I’ve returned the favor!!!! P.S I love all of these bookshelves they are awesome!!

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