New Harper Voyager Special Editions

Posted 13 January, 2013 by Rinn in Misc. / 6 Comments

An exciting update on the Harper Voyager (Harper’s fantasy and sci-fi imprint) website: new special editions of various well loved books. The new covers are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve already seen the new cover of The Hobbit in Waterstones, but I didn’t realise they were doing others as well. I’m not sure if these are UK only editions, however.

You can read the original post here – what do you think of them?


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6 responses to “New Harper Voyager Special Editions

  1. Kat

    These covers are so awesome!! I think they may be just in the UK, since I haven’t seen any of them before. I love them all, but especially the Game of Thrones one and The Hobbit edition. Haven’t read Assassin’s Apprentice, but that purple cover and the wolf make me really want to. Thanks for sharing these!

    • I have a feeling they are UK only, but I’m sure they’ll do other versions too – although the only one that is actually out at the moment is The Hobbit one, so maybe that’s why?
      Thanks for commenting =)

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