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Posted 2 June, 2014 by Rinn in Misc. / 31 Comments

I’ve seen a couple of surveys around the book blogging community lately, for example Charlene’s survey on reading outside of your usual genres. I have a couple of questions that I always wanted to ask my readers, so I thought I’d try my own survey! I’d love it if you could take part, and I’ll make an infographic with the results when the survey is over.

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I hope to share the results of the survey within the next few weeks!

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31 responses to “Book Buying Survey

      • susan

        Sorry but I’ve been down the reading rabbit hole for a few days and missed this interesting blog. I own thousands of books, why would you want to cutback on buying them unless its financially problematic, it isn’t cocaine after all keep on buying.loved the survey,but what is an arc and how do you get them?

        • Well I’m trying to save for university so I need to make sure my money only goes on essentials soon – and since I have more than enough books to keep me going, that’s why I’m cutting down πŸ˜›

          Also, I’ll be going abroad and will only be taking my Kindle, no physical copies.

          An ARC is an Advanced Reading Copy, normally given out to reviewers to read and review just before or around the publication date. It helps to draw interest to the book. There are certain websites, like Netgalley, where reviewers and bloggers can request books. Publishers also send out ARCs, either if someone asks for one in particular and are approved, or to people on their review mailing list.

  1. Ooh interesting topic and perfect for a survey! πŸ™‚ (Thanks for the mention!) I am very curious about the pre-order question since I don’t really pre-order books. It seems like the books that I would want to pre-order, I usually end up needing to buy at a book-signing event anyways so there’s no point. Unless the publisher is offering up an awesome incentive! πŸ™‚

    • I have to say, the results so far are pretty surprising, for some questions at least πŸ™‚

      It’s true – so far with the books I’ve wanted on release day or close enough, I’ve actually gotten at signing events. You’re also right about the incentive – they do that sort of thing with video games, but not books.

  2. One question I felt was missing… how many books do you buy? Or did you purposely leave that stat out? I filled out the survey as accurately as I could, but I feel like it makes it sound like I buy a lot more books than I do. I also feel like knowing I don’t buy books that often explains some of my choices (like the fact that I only buy from indie bookstores and never buy used).

    I’ll be curious to see the results!

    • I was going to add it, but apparently you can’t do more than 10 questions per survey without paying πŸ™ And I wanted to add some rather less commonly asked questions in there too, otherwise it would’ve been there.

      Thanks for taking the survey πŸ˜€

    • Thanks Annie πŸ˜€ Unfortunately I’ve had to close the survey now – I got to 110 responses, but apparently I can only view 100 of the results with a free account >.> Annoying.

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