Goodbye Oxford!

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Today I am moving away from Oxford. I’ve been here for just over a year, and a few months ago I decided that it wasn’t the place for me – at least, not at the moment. It’s an expensive city to live in, I’ve found it hard to make friends, and even harder to meet up with the friends I did make after we all went our separate ways from the Ashmolean. So, for now, I’m moving back to my parents’ so that I can work out where my life is going! I’m looking forward to it – I can spend more time with my family, my niece, see my other relatives a bit more as I’ll be closer. I miss living in a small town where everyone knows each other, and I miss the countryside. I’ll have my cats too! I’m planning on doing some volunteering and learning to drive – I’ve got some temporary work lined up where I worked before, but after that, who knows?

I’m excited for this new part of my life, even if it is a bit of a step back in some ways. This does of course mean I’ll never get to do my Literary Oxford, which I planned and failed at – oops! However, I’m sure I’ll have plenty of time for blogging. 🙂

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10 responses to “Goodbye Oxford!

    • Thanks Val, it’s definitely a pricey place to live, up there with London. I’ll be saving money, but also spending a ton on learning to drive, so we’ll see how much I do actually manage to save 😉

    • Thank you, Charlene 🙂 It really is a lovely city, but maybe it’s just not the right one for me at this point. Maybe in the future?

  1. Sorry that it didn’t work out! I’ve just graduated from St.Hilda’s College Oxford (and recently done a blogpost on my bizarre graduation ceremony from Oxford on my blog). So sad to be leaving but so lucky to have spent some time in Oxford! Good luck for the next chapter 🙂

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