Challenge: Definitive Science Fiction Reads

As part of Sci-Fi Month, I created a list of definitive science fiction reads. They are books I feel every sci-fi fan should read at least once in their lifetime, and as well as creating a challenge for myself I hope that it can be challenge for some of you too. Although I already have a Top Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books Challenge, I wanted to create one that reflected all different types of science fiction, including Young Adult. So it will actually be a mix of books I’ve loved, books I really feel I should read because they’re considered classics, and some titles that might often be overlooked, as well as some books that I’ve heard a lot of good things about.

This page is to track my own progress. If you want to join in and view the original list, please look here!

Current overall total: 30/58

‘Classic’ science fiction

Total for this section: 10/30

Newer science fiction

Total for this section: 8/16

Young Adult science fiction

Total for this section: 12/12 – COMPLETE!

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