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Welcome to the Sci-Fi Month 2014 ‘Information Hub’, where you can find links to everything that happened during the event. In 2014, Sci-Fi Month was by myself and Oh, the Books!


My posts for Sci-Fi Month 2014



My original plan was to embed the Google spreadsheet onto the page, but the plugin doesn’t want to work! You can view the schedule here. Please bear in mind that the link also allows you to edit the schedule – please don’t do so unless you are actually adding or editing your own posts!


List of Participants

Feel free to visit the blogs and say hello to your fellow participants before the festivities begin in November! Remember that if you plan to participate, you must sign up before adding your blog to the Linky!

44 responses to “Sci-Fi Month 2014 – Information Hub

  1. Hallo, Hallo Rinn!

    I am properly gobsmacked it is nearly been a full year! Clearly I have had a lot happening in my life, as I would have thought this to be impossible had I not seen the months on my own calendar! I promptly signed up today, started creating badges in Canva, updated my 2013 archive page, re-started an event schedule for 2014, started contacting people for guest features/posts, and started to get my thoughts together on what I wanted to do this year! I want to finish my project ideas from 2013, but also move forward and add new items as well!

    I am so happy that your co-hosting!

    I know you said your time was limited this year; likewise, I’m pre-planning & reading everything in advance, so my posts can post automatically! I will be celebrating a heap if I can pull this off properly! 🙂 Your encouragement and support last year was the absolute best part of my experience!

    • Jorie! 🙂

      I know, time has gone so quickly. I’m glad to hear you’re joining us again, it was lovely to meet you via this event last year and your enthusiasm for it was so clear 😀 I’ll be posting less myself, but I’m thinking of doing some ‘updated’ versions of last years posts, not sure what else at the moment.

      And I will definitely be doing lots of writing in advance again – I had everything scheduled by the end of October last year I think.

    • Don’t feel you have to post all the time, if you just want to post once or twice that’s fine – or if you want to post every day, that’s fine too! 🙂

      I’m not sure what else to say, unless you have any particular questions? 🙂

  2. Jan

    This sounds like a great activity. I’m excited to get involved. I’ve been reading more fantasy than science fiction lately so I’m planning to get busy and read some of the science fiction I already own!

  3. yay!! this is my first sci fi month. out of all the genres, sci fi has a special place in my heart — it’s exciting, unique, complex, meaningful. this month is a great idea! looking forward to the festivities and meeting new online friends during my first year experience 🙂

  4. […] Most of the time, I will be reading what other bloggers’ contributions to the month. This, to me, is the best part, because so many of my fellow bloggers are new to me. So I’ll be searching Twitter for #RRSciFiMonth and reading and commenting on other blogs (this list of participants for Sci-Fi November is right here). […]

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